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Pet Policy

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Mountain View Hotel values the importance of having your four-legged companion along for your trip. With that in mind, we welcome our guests’ pets too! You no longer have to worry about leaving them behind while you travel. Bring them with, we’re pet-friendly.

Please review our list of requirements:

  • We charge a nominal fee of $15 per night, per pet.
  • Pets must weigh less than 60 pounds and be of a non-aggressive breed.
  • Verification that vaccinations are complete and up-to-date is required.
  • A valid credit card number must remain on file at the front desk.
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance Service: I agree to make my suite available to housekeeping and/or maintenance needs and will arrange to have my pet out of the suite to accommodate this service.
  • Pets left unattended in the guest room when the guest leaves the hotel premises must be secured in a proper pet crate or carrier.
  • Pet owners must comply with local legislation and insurance liability requirements.
  • Pet must be on a controlled leash at all times when not inside of the guest suite.
  • Pets must not be walked through the lobby of the hotel.
  • Guests are responsible for any noise that the pet creates and will ensure that the pet does not disrupt the quiet enjoyment of other hotel guests. Should the hotel determine, at its sole discretion, that the pet is disruptive to other hotel guests, guests must immediately make other arrangements to house the pet outside of the hotel.
  • Guests are responsible for cleaning up after the pet on hotel grounds and properly disposing of the waste in the outside dumpster or as otherwise designated.
  • Damages caused by my pet to any suite, its furnishings, or any other part of the hotel are my sole responsibility. I understand that my account will be charged commensurate to the cost of such damages.
  • Guest suite is subject to damage inspection at any time and upon checkout.
  • Noise/Disruptive complaints: If hotel management receives more than 2 (two) complaints, alternative arrangements must be made for pets.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our front desk directly. We hope to see you and your furry friend soon!