dwa-13 - North Dakota

"bad reviews????"

" I am at the Mountain View writing this now.  This place is far from nasty,  It is brand new and very clean.  No problems from anyone and I am unable to find anything to complain about besides the unpaved parking area, which is to be expected for new construction and it has rained quite a bit in the last 2 days.  They have provided little bags at the entrances to put over your shoes so you can them and the floors clean.  I called a few hrs in advance from Williston to see if they had any rooms left on a sat. night.  They took my name and saved a room for me.  No credit card required.  when I arrived at the desk I just had to say I am the person on that piece of paper.  The note was on the desk front and center.  I was impressed and thankful.  Great place a lil expensive but nothing out of the ordinary in oil country.  I will return often."


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